Thursday, March 26, 2015

Banana and almond crackers

Til ære for Jane som holder bloggen Veganmisjonen, så kjører vi veggis-løpet i dag. Hun stakk nemlig av med seieren som årets matblogger i samme kategori som jeg også var finalist!

The time of warm hearty foods is slowly drawing to it´s end for this winter and as the sun warms the air and melts the snow I crave fresh raw foods. Therefore I want to share with you this super simple but yet so rewarding raw food recipe. These crackers have been with me for years and we never grow tired of them. They are simply habitual and even hold status as weekend treat!


4-6 mature bananas
2 dl soaked almonds
2 tbsp linseeds 

Blend all ingredients using a vitamin or similar. Spread the mass out on a parallax sheet, alternatively two if you want really thin crackers. If you don't have a dehydrator use baking paper to make in the oven. (If you do not have a dehydrator I highly recommend them. They are great for a variety of things, like making flavoured nut mixes, green chips, preserving fruit and vegetables and of course making these fabulous crackers.) 

I use a spatula and spread the batter about 0.5 cm thick. Again with the spatula mark out little squares in your batter and leave to dehydrate until completely crisp. 57 degrees in dehydrator or oven. (42 degrees for raw food effect) Mine usually take 12 hours in the dehydrator. Shorter in the oven with higher temperature. 

Keep in airtight box for approximately 14 days.

translated by: Veronika Bazika

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