Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome to My Nordic Pantry!

I am so pleased to finally be releasing my blog in English. Who am I? My name is Gry Hammer. I am married, with four children, and live in the beautiful countryside just outside Norway’s capital city, Oslo. I am passionate about the benefits of a traditional diet, and have been blogging about it since 2010. My history with food and different diets, goes back way further. You can get the full story in the first of my three books, My Nordic Pantry, which I have followed up with two more books on traditional foods and nourishing treats and snacks. My books are available in Norwegian and my e-books in both Norwegian and English. I teach a variety of classes on traditional cooking and food preparation methods. This fall, I also will be launching my first children’s’ book through my own publishing company, Timshel Press. My books have been translated into English by American holistic nutritionist, registered nurse, and health blogger Sally Haugen. Sally lives outside of Trondheim, Norway, where she has a consulting practice and teaches classes about health and nutrition.   
For the english e-books see links on this blog and for all kindle users they will be available on Amazon shortly. (I will post to let you know when they are.) To keep the books beautiful pictures and graphics as they were designed for print, the e-books are made using the newest version of e-book technology and it will show just like a printed version on your device. 
I hope you will find lots of inspiration and delight here at My Nordic Pantry.  

You can also follow me on instagram as @mynordicpantry