Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Delfia cake, a semi raw and packed with super food version of a classic Norwegain christmas cake



250 gram 70% chocolate
250 gram extra virgin coconut oil, add to melt after the chocolate is fully melted

whip together till stiff:
13 drops Stevia English Toffee, or yaconsirup or any other sweetener of choice
3 happy eggs with 
50 gram icing sugar 

Pour the melted mixture of chocolate and coconut oil into the whipped eggs and frosting and mix well, no need to whip extensively. Pour half of the loveliness into a bread mould lined with plastic foil (baking paper also works fine). Sprinkle in some walnuts, gojiberries and all natural wine gum before you cover with the remaining chocolate mixture. This cake has to be kept cool over night to achieve the right consistency. 


Layer of super treats :o)

Delfia cake is a kind of grown up thing. I could not stand it as a kid, but now I can hardly wait to make the next one! Especially not this super healthy version of the original. At our house half the kids enjoy this cake while the other half find it too dense. For a more visually pleasing result and more to munch double the recipe and use 3-4 dl of walnuts in the middle. (The walnuts substitute the original use of dry cookies.) To make it easier to slice save the wine gum to decorate on the top of the cake as it is hard to slice it nicely with the wine gum inside. Also feel free to decorate the top of the cake extensively with gojiberries and walnuts to taste. Enjoy! 

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